About Us

Rutley Park was founded in 2007 with the purchase of our first mare.  The stud is situated on 30 acres of lush pastures in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, a farm that has been in the family for over 40 years.  The team here at Rutley Park consists of Myself, my Husband Ken my very horsey daughter Bayley, my not so horsey son Mitchell (good with tech support though!) my parents, Brian who is very good with horses having had a family background and Mum (Sally) not so horsey but definitely part of the support crew here.

After a long break in riding, I decided to buy a warmblood mare with the thought of maybe breeding from her one day.  I rode my very first Trakehner during the hunt for this horse and fell in love!  I didn’t end up buying her but knew that after further research this was the breed for me.  After speaking to people I knew, about Trakehners, I quickly discovered what seemed a common thread.  Those that I spoke to who had ridden a Trakehner often told me they had been their most successful horse, or they won many events on them.

I knew then that I didn’t just want a warmblood I wanted a Trakehner.  The search started.  Next, I found Trakehners Australia and some very helpful people.  After much searching by myself and those from Trakehners Australia, I found a mare that fitted the bill.  Torridon Lodge Viveka, a lovely Valuta mare, was soon on a truck from W.A. heading to become our foundation mare.  When she arrived I took a deep breath not quite sure having not seen her in person………..out she came and she was gorgeous.

Trakehners Australia had been very helpful and supportive and I soon found many like minded people with the same passion as me.  When I was asked to be Secretary, I decided to oblige and help other people find what I had found.

My experience with Trakehners, took Ken, Bayley and myself over on a trip of a lifetime to Germany; stud tours, meeting the superstar horses I had only heard of.  Meeting yet more “Trakehner people” and learning so much about these very special horses.

In 2009 we purchased a new mare for our herd.  Excelsior Lutzeena (Lizzie) by Lutz, we find ourselves fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to have used her special bloodlines in our foundation stock.

Ken is our resident hands on person, always putting in the hard yards (a most important position).  I am definitely the bloodlines girl, studying the breed at every chance.  Brian is a mixture of both, often seen driving a fence post or feeding and watering, or maybe lending an ear to my constant rambles about this line or that.  All the photography is a credit to my daughter who is currently producing superb photos for our cause.  Mitchell is definitely technical support and his IT skills are very handy, he has also been seen on the odd occasion in the paddock with the horses.  Sally is the stability on the home front and is always noticing what is going on around the farm with her watchful eye.

We are passionate about the Trakehner breed and believe it to be the future of eventing and dressage here in Australia.  Along with my fellow Trakehner colleagues, I want everyone to find out, as I did, what makes this breed so well suited to Australian riders and why it is important to our success at world class levels.